About Us

We enjoy what we do - Professional childcare with your trust.

BabyNanny is a lively and enthusiastic company based in Bratislava that values the opportunity to work with children. We are experts in our field, and our passion for our work is the driving force of our team. Our goal is to provide high-quality childcare services that contribute to their health, safety, and growth. Our experienced and responsible group of babysitters is ready to care for children of various ages, with personal qualifications in childcare. We offer various forms of care, including daily visitation, supervision of children during holidays, and the option of spending full days with children when parents cannot care for their little ones. Our BabyNanny offer is not limited to childcare alone; we also provide additional services that help balance parents' work and family life. We are here for you not only during standard working hours but also during vacations and breaks when your children need someone to rely on. Additionally, we offer household organization services, which include various aspects such as shopping for necessary items for children.
We understand that parents do not always have enough time to devote to everyday tasks, and that's why we're here to help you. We create a pleasant and safe environment for children where they can grow and develop according to their unique needs and interests. In childcare, we apply modern and responsible approaches and innovative methods of upbringing and education. We are partners with parents and collaborate with them to achieve the best for their children and build a relationship based on trust and cooperation. We believe that every child is unique and has their own abilities and potential. Therefore, we strive to create individual approaches that consider the unique needs of each child and provide support in areas that are most important to them. Our services are focused on the overall development of children and on assisting parents with everyday challenges related to upbringing and childcare. At BabyNanny, we are proud to contribute to the health, happiness, and development of children. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with families and help them in raising their children. We believe that quality childcare is crucial, and we are ready to support families and their children on the path to success and happiness.

BabyNanny Management

The price for providing daily childcare services in a foreign language will be subject to a 33% surcharge on the regular rates. This surcharge is applicable to cover the additional costs associated with childcare services provided in a language other than Slovak. The total price, including the surcharge, will be specified on the invoice and is due within 14 days from the date of the invoice. The account number will be provided on the invoice.

Advice: Childcare

25 EUR/hour

  • Preparing for a Baby
  • Postpartum Period
  • Feeding
  • Hygiene
  • Building a Bond
  • Family Harmony

Regular Babysitting

Up to 20 hours per week:
10 EUR/hour *

Over 20 hours per week:
9 EUR/hour*

  • Price for 1 child
  • Babysitting in a home environment (initial introduction to BabyNanny*):
  • Babysitting at a designated location: Price may vary, please contact us for details.
  • Individual approach
  • Birthday surprise

One-Time Babysitting

15 EUR/Hour*

  • Price for 1 child:
  • Babysitting in a home environment 
  • Babysitting at a designated location: Price may vary, please contact us for details.
  • Minimum duration of babysitting: 3 hours per day
  • Individual approach


The prices are final and we are not VAT registered. 

The minimum duration of babysitting is 3 hours per day. For regular babysitting, there is a fee of 30 EUR for the initial introductory meeting plus the transportation cost of the babysitter (ideal and expected duration of the meeting is 2 hours).

Discounts are available for siblings. 

The price for overnight babysitting starting from 22:00, weekend babysitting, and babysitting during holidays is 12.00 EUR/hour. This applies to regular babysitting.

Price for overnight babysitting starting from 22:00, weekend babysitting, and holiday babysitting is 18.00 EUR per hour. Applicable for irregular babysitting.

Depending on availability, we can offer babysitting in foreign languages (English, German, etc.). In this case, the price is 33% higher than in the Slovak language.

Upon mutual agreement, we can offer babysitting/management of larger groups of children, babysitting at family celebrations, babysitting by BabyNanny during holidays, babysitting during illness, and household care.

Dear parents, we kindly ask you to arrange transportation for the babysitter back home after 22:00 at your own expense (either personally or by taxi).In exceptional care outside Bratislava, the parent/client directly reimburses the caregiver for transportation expenses. If paid parking is necessary, the client is responsible for covering the parking costs for the babysitter.

The categories of special care are charged as follows:

  1. Category 1: Children without the need for special care - no additional fee.
  2. Category 2: Children with specific care needs such as administering prescribed medications, following treatment procedures, intolerances, allergies, digestive difficulties, respiratory infections, eye problems, and skin conditions - additional fee of 1 EUR/hour.
  3. Category 3: Children requiring a special approach, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - additional fee of 2 EUR/hour.


Bratislava - (Old Town, New Town, Ružinov, Rača, Petržalka, Karlova Ves, Lamač) - no additional charge

Bratislava Surroundings - Jarovce, Rusovce, Čunovo, Podunajské Biskupice, Vrakuňa, Vajnory, Záhorská Bystrica, Devínska Nová Ves, Dúbravka, Devín - additional 10 euros for transportation/day.

Outside Bratislava - according to agreement.

General Terms and Conditions